Flight to Fight

by Willowjack

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Originally an instrumental by Hugh Doolan for Documentary 'Gloves & Glory' and re-adapted by Willowjack with Donal's supa-fine voice and lyrics


Your mind is aching
your feet are breaking
you can't believe it
never conceded
i'm gonna break you
i'm gonna take you
ripped over sidewalks
you told me to go
yeah i'm leaving here taking nothing at all

i know your brain's thirsting
your heart and veins bursting
your mind's in chains twisting
go out insane mister
your soul's a light for me
you move aside for me
i'll tell you something
you ain't got nothing
you're heading for a fall

i'll show you every dream
every moment every scream
you don't mean a thing
you mean nothing at all

you told me a lie when you loved me baby
but you showed me too much luck
don't get high on the money baby
but you don't need too much love

you could never change
every moment every day's in
and you don't mean a thing
yeah you're heading for a fall

you told me to lie for your money baby
but you showed me too much luck
i saw you dying on a bridge of sorrows
but you showed me too much love
i stole you a dime for the rings you borrowed
but you showed me too much love
you gotta run for the money to fulfill tomorrow
but you're showing me too much love


released April 29, 2014




Willowjack Dublin, Ireland

Willowjack is a collaboration between Irish songwriters and long-time friends Hugh Doolan and Donal Byrne, combining a wide range of musical influences from rock and pop to soulful acoustic melodies with a good smattering of everything in between. Make sure to watch the video for Sad and Blue on YouTube. ... more

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